Protection In Unemployment - New Regime

Profession:NDR - Neville De Rougemont

On 15th March 2012 a new regime of protection in unemployment was published, translating the measures already announced in the Agreement for Growth, Competitiveness and Employment as well as in the Troika memorandum.

Such measures can be labeled as temporary and long term ones both arisen of the current environment of economic crisis being meant to facilitate the access to unemployment benefit as well as stimulate the insertion of the applicants in the employment market and simultaneously reduce the unemployment payments in view of the social security financial sustainability.

Extra 10% Benefit Amount

Amongst some of the most significant measures, is that of the 10% accrual of unemployment benefit for those married couples or couples living in similar condition of married ones in the situation of involuntary unemployment as long as they have children of their own or children under their custody. The accrual applies to single parents as well, in situation of involuntary unemployment as long as the applicant is not entitled to alimony pension.

Such temporary measure enters into force on 1st April 2012 and applies only up to 31st December 2012.

Reduction of the qualifying period

The qualifying period is reduced from 450 to 360 days of recorded remunerations in a reference period of 24 months prior to the unemployment date, so as to broaden the entitlement to such a benefit.

Such measure enters into force on 1st July 2012 without limit date.

Partial 1 off payment

In an attempt to stimulate the employment, the payment of unemployment benefit can be made partially in 1 sole installment, to all those filing a project of employment increment.

Such a payment is meant to stimulate the applicants' insertion in the employment market even if under a regime of self employment.

The remainder of the unemployment benefit will be paid in installments up to the end of the granted period, unless recorded registries of contributions to social security under the regime of employment are found in the system, in which case the benefit will be withdrawn.

Such a measure enters into force on 1st April 2012 without any limit date.

Reduction of unemployment benefit

The daily amount of unemployment benefit is reduced by 10% after 180 days of its allowance. The...

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